About Us

The team at Chefs in the Kitchen has helped 23 Pilots become National Series. To date, there is no other production company that has been able to achieve this kind of success for its clientele.

Chefs in the Kitchen arranges everything that you will need for a successful shoot. As a one-stop shop we have at our disposal a state of the art facility, makeup artist, food stylist, director and a show host from another cooking show present to give you advice that day. If you have a cooking show idea that deserves the attention of the world then let us put you in the limelight.

Our company's professional technical staff creates cutting edge footage that broadcasters and national networks rave about. Unlike most production companies who try and specialize in food shows our Stars get on the air! Our connections and relationships with distribution companies are unsurpassed. Over the years we have delivered great programming to many of the prime time networks across the US. Don't spend thousands on a self-made pilot and pitch it to a network yourself. It's a waste of your time and money!

You won't have to worry about your video being as good as the other guys, it'll be better. Chefs in the Kitchen offers all of our production services in house. Our team handles all of your needs. After all our staff is made up of professional chefs and directors from other cooking show programs. We have managed to recruit some of the best in the industry... and they now work with us! It's just what we do. Our in-house Art Department will see that you receive the most creative video production possible.

It doesn't just stop there!!! Our team educates you on raising sponsorship dollars to keep your series on the air. There are millions of dollars in advertising that are just waiting to be given to cooking shows. Our team will make the proposals, show you how to effectively train your staff and help you close deals!